I used to calculate the Universe... now I paint it...and the magic within every one of us and around us. Happiness & peace is our nature. Express to the max!

This is me, Yamuna Devi

Love is life and my mission in this lifetime is to truly live through my Heart. This means embracing the light as well as the dark and all that's in between. A physicist turned creative yogi... that's me! Expression is power. 

What are we all searching for?

All of the spiritual masters say the same thing... what is life if we can't connect to something deeper than the 3D world and persona that lives in it? Who are we? Where do we find that peace and oneness?

What is truth?

Do we all have a destiny? A unique path set out for us? Or can we choose... randomly... as we wish? Free will? Or divine grace?

My first girl

It took me 5 years to complete her... 5 years within which my Heart was closed for a fair share... the creativity had stopped... how can you express the universe when the door is closed? And once you open it... you realise that you can live to your full potential!

Life speaks

Gratitude... for everything... a prayer... you will be heard... just know to ask!

Say yes!

Say yes to love! Life! Moments! This is what matters, what stays, what permeates, what builds up...

I love to draw!

Drawing is one of my favourite things ever! I love to illustrate, bring words to life, love pencils and pastels and getting messy hands :-) A little glimpse of my drawing board...

It's all about the glue...

Love collage! For me it's a very quick, dynamic and stimulating way to express what I feel without thinking. Very therapeutic...

It is never too late to be what you might have been (unkown)

Find that one thing that carries you, the arrow that points in your direction, ride it like a wave and your journey will be your path.

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